Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Last Post

This will be my last post on this blog, then i'll be making it public and starting to record my notes on paper. Seems to be another result of this Yin phase i'm going through.


Did several journeys lately involving various entities while in Peru. Made a journey to a kind of Faery ice king. He talked about Ice alchemy with me and was willing to give me more info if i spread his name around....but i wasn't willing to do so as i don't have enough experience in that area to recommend him. As a result i just received a transmission and returned to my body and meditated on the topic for a long time and had some interesting insights.....but it's still a confusing field for me.

Did a bit of soul retrieval while i was in Peru. Found that there were some shadowy aspects of myself i lost contact with in my youth as a result of fearful experiences (Githem). Had to kick some ass to get this piece of myself back in order and clean off before i put it in the soul slot.

Experimenting with a couple new methods of Astral Projection that i received from a familiar. This area of my practice still needs refinement....need to let go and surrender to the vision instead of letting my ego grasping for control. Astral Breathing technique.

Had another experience where i was astral projecting and doing so got the attention of another Being and it came straight up to my body out of sheer curiosity and i started a conversation as it was an intense presence that was throwing me off a bit, asked him to tone down the vibe a bit and he did. Had a nice conversation, asked him about himself and his nature and he asked me what i had been doing in my work. Turns out he was a liminal or threshold being in between the Underworld and Midgard.....he then he offered to deepen our relationship and after consulting with my allies i thanked him for the offer but declined. I remember Caitlin Mathews saying in her book that when you cross the curtain you get the attention of other beings...definitely seems true.

Did some final work for the land in Peru, received a transmission from what looked like a giant Bee. Then i received a pretty intense transmission from the Faery Queen....that was intense....i was exhausted and had to sleep it off afterwards.

Love Life

The last several weeks i've been doing an enormous amount of internal dissolving surrounding my love life. Always had shit luck in this area and am working to get over the endless issues that myself, family and culture has passed on to me. Cheers.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Life Events

Just got back from my trip to Peru, did lots of healing work for the land there, as i expected i would. Road horses a bit and visited some tourist traps while i was there. Also got to eat cow heart, so that was interesting. Did so much dissolving and cultivation work while i was there....intense shit. :P

I am also in the process of moving to Boise Idaho. It's very interesting, Othala the rune told me several weeks before i got the intuitive nudge to move that there was going to be big changes in my property situation and i also got another random message from Wunjo that i was going to be moving into a stage of intense joy and bliss. Idaho here i come. Only thing that i'm having difficulty with is finishing up some work that is reliant on being here and then i also need to get my license transferred to Idaho. The process is requiring a bit of paperwork on my part.

While in Peru i also found that i have a passion for plants in trees outside the alchemical sense, but studying them and learning about there magickal potencies. My work with the Fay is opening up so many doorways. I've also found that i now want to practice Hoshin Budo. When i move i'll no longer be able to practice Silat Harimau with Guru Santiago as a result i think i'll start practicing Hoshin with Caleb in Boise. Hoshin in my understanding is also a bit more Yin while Harimau is extremely fiery with its low stances and tiger energy. Ride now i need the cooling and i noticed that i wasn't able to practice the Kudas as much as before.

I was looking into the Viridis Genii Symposium in Oregon coming up this June 2017. I don't think this path of "Green Magick" is something i can do alone. I looked among the presenters to see if any lived in Idaho. Cody Dickerson lives a couple cities away from Boise, another synchronicity, i think he'll likely end up being my mentor in these herbal arts. So far i just started looked at plants and trees and observing there properties from a visual standpoint, taking off the names and just looking at them and study them without filters. Everything in my life is shifting Yin....which means i'll probably have a lovely lady by my side soon...this also reflects that my Lunar channels are starting to open more. Hekate told me this is something need to work on.

Heading out to see the Dr. Strange movie. :)

Monday, September 26, 2016

Life Tides

Up to this point since my graduation from Massage Therapy school last year i have been struggling and going through initiations and regularly getting my ass kicked while feeling like i'm living in the Hanged Man. It's in the last few days that i feel things are starting to shift and i feel as if i can now push forward with growing my finances and eventually move out of my Mother's house. There is some kind of Astrological kink that's been kicking my ass for awhile....and i'm now have the feeling that things are de-intensifying and i can focus on other things besides frying my consciousness and energy body with cultivation.

Dissolving work with the Runes and Spirits has been intense beyond belief. Most days i'll need to sleep just to recover from the detoxification. At the same time the Gnosis has been amazing, i feel now i am moving into a slower paced more watery phase of cultivation. New connections with Hekate i feel are coming up and around the corner. It's because of this transition that i've had so little energy to blog....every pathway except the one of frying my brains with Gnosis seems like it was closed of to me. I stopped trading options (paper money), had difficulty reading without burning up, and couldn't work more than what was necessary just to make ends meet.....FRUSTRATING for sure!

I feel as though i'm finally opening up to Yin energies and can appreciate the soothing, relaxing and playful energy that women give off. It's like energetic candy for me. The social scene has become quite easy for me to navigate without feeling out of place. Meet some cool new practitioners whom i'm having a lot of fun playing with (London Brown and Ian).

Sex magic and Karezza has been an in-depth study that i've been doing. I have all the knowledge i need now, just lacking a proper Yin for my Yang. The amount of dissolving of blockages around relationships, women, sex and love boggles my mind. Yet it's all been worthwhile, i have more power in this area of my life than ever before.

Fire sex with lots of movement and slapping ultimately causes ejacualation....it's inevitable when you building that much energy and friction in your loins that it will occur. But Yin lovemaking such as Karezza where there isn't much movement and your able to completely connected to your partners polarity does not tempt ejaculation.

Sexual energy as a earthy and wild survivalist force needs divine celestial influences in order to guide it to it's full potential.  Thus opening up to Perfect Unconditional Love is a powerful way to help smooth out the surge of sexual energy in the body. Dedicating sex to Love is a way to attune it to a balanced celestial force.

Maha Guru

Guru De Bordes came by Miami for a Silat Workshop. As always it was a blast and i learned a great deal. Lessons:

1. Survival
2. Tradition vs reality
3. War
4. Practice moving from Kuda to Kuda 28x28

Charis Melina

Watching this girls videos, there quite good and she is definitely skilled in her field. More importantly i and finding her energy quite soothing. Currently trying to join her book club on Facebook. I started reading the first book Gaia Codex. A good deal of gnosis lies in it's pages and the feminine energy of the book is so contrasting to what i have previously read. Usually all the books i read are masculine and very direct. It's a beautiful change of pace for me and reflects powerful internal changes happening in me.